Help Desk
Entegration provides help desk services to our clients with the goal of providing rapid and reliable solutions to our client’s problems. We understand that dealing with computer related problems is frustrating but even more important it reduces employee and business productivity. Entegration utilizes a Network Operations Center (NOC) which prepares us to rapidly respond to client support requests. In addition, we monitor our client’s networks utilizing advanced monitoring tools which allow us to begin problem resolution usually before our clients even notify us of problems.

Reporting Computer Related Problems
Entegration provides various ways for our clients to request support. We offer a web-based Online Client Support System that allows clients to enter help desk Tickets, provide details of problems, and categorize the urgency of the problem. The Online Client Support System allows for rapid problem reporting. In addition, our clients can monitor the status of the issue, track what steps have been taken to resolve the issue and even provide on-going feedback regarding the issue. Clients can call our toll-free support hotline number and request support. The calls are automatically routed to our Network Operations Center. A third option is to email us [email protected] to report problems.

Remote Support
Entegration has invested heavily in the use of remote support solutions in order to achieve the goal of providing rapid and reliable solutions to our client’s problems. Entegration uses a combination of powerful remote support tools that allow us to fix and resolve most issues that our clients report. By utilizing remote support tools, Entegration can spend time fixing a problem as opposed to traveling to a client and then resolving the issue. Our remote support tools allow us to work on a client’s servers, desktops, laptops, printers, as well as other various pieces of network equipment. Entegration can resolve most issues remotely, but at times the need to dispatch a technician to a client site still exists. Remote support allows for problem identification and information gathering as well as possible workarounds while a technician is dispatched to a client site. Remote Support Link

Online Support System
Online Client Support System provides our clients with a simple to use interface to submit
support requests as well as any work that needs to be done on their systems

Help Desk Portal