Data Backup

Data Backup / Offsite Backup

One of the most important services that Entegration provides to its clients is data backup services. Protecting valuable data and providing the ability to recover data is treated as one of the highest priorities. Data is the life blood of every organization and it must be treated that way. Entegration ensures that critical data is identified, backed up, tested and that data can be successfully recovered.

Entegration provides multiple methods to ensure that our client’s data is protected. We developed a comprehensive plan that includes replicating valuable data, backing up to tape devices and securing automated off-site backups to our data center. We work with our clients to design the strategy that best fits their needs and ensures that their data is properly protected.

• Data replication to multiple servers to provide data redundancy
• Traditional tape backups
• Secure automated offsite backups to data center
• Monitoring of data backup systems and immediate resolution to problems that occur
• Test restores of data that has been backed up to ensure the data is valid, accessible and recoverable
• Real-time data replication of critical systems (i.e. Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), accounting systems, etc.)