Entegration is constantly focused on our client’s network security. Security is a broad category and spans almost every function that a business engages in. Security encompasses protecting our client’s network from outside intruders, securing data from unauthorized access, protecting systems from viruses, spyware and SPAM. In addition, we secure our clients business by ensuring that critical data is backed up, proper network redundancy is in place, and disaster planning and recovery solutions are implemented. Entegration works with our client’s to draft and implement secure computing guidelines and policies as well as implement solutions such as Internet usage monitoring and blocking. Entegration provides ongoing Security audits to ensure compliance to various government regulations as well as providing our clients with insight into best security practices and areas of improvement.

Anti-virus / Anti-SPAM / Anti-spyware
Unfortunately viruses, spyware and SPAM are realities of today’s computing environment. Entegration has built multiple layers of defense against these rapidly growing and changing threats. We protect our client’s network from viruses by protecting the various layers of a client’s network including the Internet connection, email server, file and application servers as well as desktops and laptops. By utilizing a multi-vendor, multi-layer approach to virus, spyware and SPAM, our clients are seamlessly protected from each of the threats.

Security – Compliance, Audits, Ongoing Protection
Entegration has both a vast base of knowledge regarding network security but also utilizes state of the art security tools to ensure that our client’s networks are both safe and secure. Today’s business environment requires businesses to comply with various government regulations, protect customer information and privacy as well as secure data against possible external or internal security breaches. Entegration provides on-going security audits of our client’s networks to ensure that the networks comply with various government regulations such as HIPAA, SEC policies, privacy laws, etc. Network audits allow for on-going dialog in terms of best practices, areas of security improvements and implementing secure pieces of infrastructure that provide not only security but at times produce competitive advantages. Our clients find our Security audits to be concise with the right level of executive overview as well as supporting details. The security audits provide the ability to discuss the results with management as well as technical staff.

Network Monitoring and Notifications
It is vital that a client’s Network is constantly monitored. Entegration uses a combination of automated monitoring tools to report on the health of our client’s network. We are automatically notified in the event of a failed piece of Network equipment or if a set threshold has been exceeded. Monitoring allows for rapid response to system outages and many times we are aware of problems before our clients know there is an issue.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance
Proactive Preventative Maintenance keeps our client’s networks running smoothly and securely. We maintain our client’s networks by applying the latest Windows Service Packs, Security Patches and System Updates. We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of problems and support related issues for client networks that are proactively maintained.